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Meet Jontelle Forbus

training and instruction

FEI Trainer and Competitor,

USDF Certified Instructor


  Jontelle is an advocate for the horse.  She truly wants each horse to reach its full potential with willingness and cooperation. Jonelle's methodology assures that horses must be communicated within a way that encourages and rewards experimentation. She adheres to the principles of traditional dressage training with a strong emphasis on correct and solid basics. Jontelle encourages the horse to distribute weight evenly and thoroughly to develop an understanding to work from back to front through their entire body. These basics, in addition to clear communication with the horse, produce a meaningful relationship-from which training can truly develop.

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 Jontelle is a lifelong learner and aims to create an environment that is centered on honest learning for the student. Students must feel free to ask difficult questions of themselves and their horses in a supportive environment. She provides a clear, step-by-step process during each session, and include exercises to support the direction of training. Jontelle measures success by the clarity and subtle usage of aids in the continuation of the training process.


Coaching is available at USDF Recognized shows. Please contact for rates.

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More From Jontelle's Students

Jillian Kirkpatrick

I LOVE training with Jontelle!

An elegant and effective rider herself she is inspiring just to watch. Best of all though is her positive, energetic teaching style and ability to solve problems for both the horse and the rider.

My young horse was in training at her barn and I can say enough about the fabulous care and the amazing progress  that he made while there!!

Sarah Perkins

The lesson program for me builds on previous lessons. As I am growing in skills the understanding of what Jontelle is teaching becomes clearer. Whether her student is actively showing or currently is not showing, the professionalism is there and her interest in her students is genuine.

Lisa Langenhennig

Jontelle has a wonderful talent of being able to describe, demonstrate, and really make her students understand what she is trying to teach in every given moment.  You never leave a lesson confused and to top that you never leave a lesson feeling neglected.  You get every minute of her attention during your lesson time.  Jontelle is a great rider, trainer, and teacher and I would highly recommend Jontelle Forbus Dressage.


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