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Jontelle's Philosophy:

Jontelle profoundly understands the value of Teamwork with her equine partners and Team JFD owners. This Teamwork philosophy extends to her corporate sponsors as well. The support of horse owners and product sponsors makes competing at an International level possible. The combination of owners' trust and corporate sponsors' trusted products offers her a clear path to promoting owner confidence, equine health, and mental well-being. A true partnership can develop through open communication with owners and the thorough knowledge and promotion of corporate sponsors and their products. Jontelle is looking to add horse owners and product sponsors to her Team. Be a part of this exciting journey! 

From Team JFD Clients:

Susan Laurie

I am a 6-year client with Jontelle. She took my training level gelding to 4th level,  through many ups and Downs.  She is very thoughtful in her approach to horses and clients.  She has a deep understanding of how to bring horses through the levels.  Her teaching strategy is always positive for both the horses and the students.  She is able to create a serious but fun atmosphere so that it is always enjoyable to go to the barn.  


Jontelle is able to raise everyone's standards as to what good work looks like.  Her care of the horses is impeccable.  She is really a wonderful trainer and teacher and we are lucky to have her.  


( I also purchased a lovely 3-year-old mare that Jontelle had bred and started, and she is amazing. ) 

 Jenna Calcaterra

Jontelle always sets the horse up for success. In every lesson, each exercise builds on the previous one to achieve the goal of the day or properly work through an issue. She doesn’t just teach you to ride. She is teaching you the process of getting the horse to use it’s body properly. She does this in such a way that I can take her exercises home and have success there as well. She really is about incorporating you (as the owner) into her process so that you can truly learn, not just sit on them.

   A friend told me once there are two four-letter words when it comes to working with horses: time and work. Many trainers just put in the work, but Jontelle really understands the importance of giving them time, not only to physically develop but mentally develop as well.



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