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Touchstone Farm Young Horse Raising Program

The idyllic landscape and organic, nutritional content of Lexington, Kentucky’s soil, coupled with the combined experience of owners; Shirley McQuillan and Jontelle Forbus, make Touchstone Farm a perfect location to raise young, Warmblood horses.  Owners of weanlings thru two-year olds, are offered a safe, group living environment for their babies.  Expert handling and professional management accompanies the services with the intention of raising future competition sport horses.   

Together, with nearly a century of combined experience, Jontelle Forbus and Shirley McQuillan, offer a rare opportunity to clientele. Shirley McQuillan’s keen eye for biomechanics and exceptional Chiropractic talent, aids in proper alignment for the growing horse.  Jontelle Forbus’ management and handling imparts valuable life skills into the young horse.


Growing youngsters are brought into the barn and handled on a regular schedule, to ensure proper halter breaking, grooming, farrier and veterinary care. Additional lessons include trailer loading and bathing.  Regular monthly weighing thru our nutrition consultants, ensures owners that proper, steady development is being thoughtfully managed.

The Bluegrass region surrounding Lexington, Kentucky possess a rare soil composition containing a limestone layer up to 320 feet thick.  Lush grass, together with shade from the trees prove a winning combination for raising horses.  The calcium-rich grass and undulating hills enables horses to build strong leg bones. 

Additionally, Lexington, Kentucky posseses multiple, nationally renowned; Veterinarians, Podiatrists, Surgeons, Rehab facilities, and Competitions (via the Kentucky Horsepark), making the area a wonderful choice for producing top sport horse competitors. 


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