team jfd 2021 Show schedule

       3/6-7/21        Raleigh Winter Raleigh, NC

    4/10-11/21        Vada/Nova Spring Leesburg, Va

  4/22-25/21        Tryon Spring Tryon, NC

       5/8-9/21        CDCTA Morven Park Leesburg, Va

   5/22-23/21       Lexington Spring Lexington, Va

   5/29-30/21       Vada-Ch Culpeper, Va

    6/12-13/21        Vada/Nova Leesburg, Va

   6/19-20/21        Virginia Summer Culpeper, Va

     7/16-18/21       Dressage At Lexington, Va

   8/25-30/21       Young Horse National Championships

     9/11-12/21       Rosemont

9/28-10/3/21       Dressage At Devon

     10/7-10/21       Region One Championships,

                                Lexington, Virginia


October/November (dates TBA)

Show Team JFD Testimonials


Kerri-Lyn Corry

Jontelle has been a significant influence on my journey with "Twist" from training level to FEI.  Thanks to Jontelle,  my emotionally sensitive horse is happy, healthy with a solid training program that I can be proud of.


Taska Parker 

Jontelle is committed to helping each individual student reach their goals.  When I had to take several years off from showing to grow my business, she was so enthusiastic and supportive in helping my horse and I keep moving positively forward towards our goals, and when it came time four years later for us to get back to showing, she was there to support us every step of the way.   Jontelle has been of tremendous value in my dressage journey because so often I found that I was being told what to do with my horse or myself to improve and while I understood the “what” to do, I couldn’t figure out “how” to do what I needed to do to improve.  Jontelle helped me understand the “how” behind what I needed to do.  She always works as an advocate for the horse and a translator between you and your horse so you can work together as a team in harmony and happiness.  


Amanda Harper

I’ve ridden for a number of years on several different styles of horses in lessons with Jontelle, with all of them she was able to get to the root of a problem and/or create a plan for the next training steps that fit our individual horse rider team. With good humor, unwavering support, dedication, and toughness when needed I couldn’t ask for better.

Now bringing along my once in a lifetime young horse Jontelle is an asset to our journey.

I can’t wait to continue to train show again with this super team!


Lisa Langenhennig

Jontelle has a wonderful talent of being able to describe, demonstrate, and really make her students understand what she is trying to teach in every given moment.  You never leave a lesson confused and to top that you never leave a lesson feeling neglected.  You get every minute of her attention during your lesson time.  Jontelle is a great rider, trainer, and teacher and I would highly recommend Jontelle Forbus Dressage.



Peggy MinnicH

Jontelle is so patient with both horse and rider to help develop a good team, and to help the rider understand the timing of the aids, and what it is teaching the horse to do.  Her deep base of experience and methodical, stepwise training and communication can give the rider the tools to succeed in the ring, and to enable the relaxed rider to feel the horse being through the back and spine to help progression up the levels. 


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