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Jontelle Forbus Dressage

Located at the beautiful Touchstone Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, Jontelle Forbus is an FEI rider, trainer, and coach that emphasizes the complete care of the sport horse.  Thoughtful consideration of the nutritional, mental, and physical well-being of the equine athlete supported by her professional sponsors is paramount to success in the training and, ultimately, the show arena. Jontelle also employs her talents for visual explanation and "feel riding" to convey this methodology to her training horses and students. This ability translates into success for her horses that compete at the recognized levels up to Grand Prix and those students who choose to focus on personal riding goals.

"Jontelle is a rare find in the horse industry.  Her impeccable integrity and professionalism with a very hard working work ethic and patience make her an outstanding addition to any program."


Sue Blinks, Olympic Bronze Medalist

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Team JFD

Jontelle Forbus Dressage is a collaboration of a group of dedicated individuals, carefully chosen to provide the best care, maintenance, nutrition, and training possible.  

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